What Physicians Are Telling Us about VigRX Plus

When the scientific sector started talking about good things that can be derived from natural male enhancement formulas, sighs of relief were heard everywhere.


Those already using these supplements at the time when positive feedbacks started pouring in were particularly relieved.

What new insights from physicians do we have?

A Male Enhancement Supplement that Causes No Major Side Effects

When Dr. Alexis Vasquez took the center stage to give his endorsement, he particularly emphasized on the plant-based mixture of VigRX that does not make one dizzy, anxious or unable to perform daily duties.

The doctor suggests two points for would-be buyers of penile enhancers:

  • Make sure your supplement will not make you feel anything that you can’t bear or make you temporarily dysfunctional. He advises people to be informed by reading researches themselves and get new feedback from current users.
  • It is important that people know the possible synergistic effects of the supplement with pharmaceutical drugs. If taking synthetic drugs, one needs to consult with his physician first.

Dr. Alexis Vasquez is one of the most vocal in recommending natural supplements.

He has 14 years of medical practice under his belt, is now an Assistant Professor of Medication at the College of Florida, and is a member of the Cisca Pulmonary & Critical Care group operating in Jacksonville.

Erections That Last Long and No Premature Ejaculation

If either or both of these penile issues are haunting you, the advice from Dr. Michael A. Carter is to let VigRX give you the solution.

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The doctor observed that the supplement can help someone last longer in bed while ensuring that the partner is satisfied before ejaculation.

For these reasons, the clinical psychology expert supports the use of VigRX Plus not only for those who have serious problems but also to those looking into improving their performance.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Carter puts a lot of stress on developing one’s self-esteem and improving personal and work relationships.

He believes there is a strong connection between the emotional and psychological factors and physical and physiological health.

You can learn more about VigRX supplements here.

The One That Will Truly Increase Penis Size

One of the most-acclaimed doctors in male enhancement supplements, Steven Lamm, claims that VigRX is the best penile size enhancer.

The most visible physician-endorser of VigRX was a guest doctor on ABC-TV’s program The View. He is a practicing internist with a teaching position at the New York University’s School of Medicine.

This doctor is constantly on the lookout for supplements that can help his patients improve their sex life. When he came across VigRX Plus, he was amazed by what he found out about it.

In a comment he posted on the internet, he claimed that the supplement can indeed increase penile size but not immediately. The formulation is able to increase the size by improving blood flow to the penile area, he added.

In the same short post, he took note of the long-term effects of the formulation, which he sadly noted to be not available with prescription drugs.

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According to him, prescription drugs only provide instant short-term results. They don’t address the underlying problems but only treat symptoms.

In contrast, the perfect combination of ingredients in VigRX Plus can improve libido, size, and sexual endurance, not only in the short term but also long-term.

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