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VigRX Plus in Singapore – The Essential Buying Guide

In spite of its small size, Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

People from different walks of life live and visit here, and some of them are actually looking for love.

Regardless of age, men are always looking to put their best foot forward at all times. This includes affairs in the bedroom.

For men who want to maximize their performance, VigRX Plus provides the answer to most of their problems.

If you want to buy VigRX Plus in Singapore, this article is made exactly for you.

What Is VigRX Plus?

For more than a decade, VigRX has made a name as a highly potent 100% natural male enhancement supplement.

It has been tried and tested to work and has helped countless men worldwide improve their sexual performance and satisfaction.

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From the makers of VigRX comes VigRX Plus.

An update of the highly successful VigRX formula, this new product is designed to take your sexual performance to the next level.

It comes with an improved formulation, maximizing the benefits you can get from each ingredient.

It also uses the latest manufacturing technologies to create the best product possible.

You can only buy VigRX Plus from their official website.

What Are the Ingredients of VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that contains all-natural ingredients.

Each of these ingredients is used for centuries to improve different aspects of male sexual performance such as libido, quality of erections, stamina, and even penis size.

However, in combination with each other, these properties are even more enhanced, creating better results.

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Here are some of the ingredients included in VigRX Plus.


Also known as “horny goat weed”, Epimedium has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.

This clinically proven natural substance is one of the main active ingredients in VigRX Plus.

It has an active ingredient icariin that creates an effect similar to sildenafil. Epimedium improves blood circulation to the penis, resulting in bigger erections.

Red Ginseng

Another staple in traditional Asian medicine, red ginseng has been used for centuries for curing all kinds of ailments.

Just like sildenafil, red ginseng also enhances blood flow into the penis, resulting in bigger and stronger erections.

It has been used for centuries as a cure for male impotence. It also has energy-boosting properties, reducing fatigue and enhancing physical and mental performance.

Muira Pauma

VigRX Plus contains the extract coming from the bark of the Muira Pauma plant.

Used in South America for centuries as traditional medicine, it has the capability to improve male sexual performance, among other health benefits.

It has been shown in the various scientific literature that Muira Pauma can correct erectile dysfunction, increase sexual drive among males, and increase the frequency of intercourse.


This is the much-hyped new addition to the VigRX ingredient list.

Bioperine, an extract derived from black peppers, is introduced to improve the absorption of all the ingredients in VigRX Plus.

Better absorption translates to better efficacy, which then leads to more dramatic results and even better performance. The addition of Bioperine makes VigRX Plus the most potent product of its kind in the market today.

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There are other high-quality natural ingredients contained in the VigRX formula.

Popular and clinically tested ingredients found in VigRX Plus include Damiana, Ginkgo biloba, hawthorn berry, and saw palmetto.

Each ingredient mentioned are added at just the right amounts for maximum efficacy.

Also, strict manufacturing protocols are followed for accurate dosing and reduced side effects.

If you want the best male enhancement supplement your money can buy, you can’t go wrong with VigRX Plus.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus in Singapore?

In Singapore, it is not easy to find VigRX Plus. The usual retailers don’t carry them.

It is not uncommon to see bottles of this product at stalls and supplement shops.

Still, it is recommended to purchase VigRX Plus only from their official website. This is to ensure that you will get only the original product.

With the rise of fakes trying to capitalize on VigRX Plus’s popularity, it is better to be safe than sorry.

All products are shipped discreetly to your address, so you won’t have to worry about your privacy.

Trying to Save Money on Your Purchase?

One remarkable thing about VigRX Plus is its superior value for money.

It is priced reasonably, so getting your dose should not be too troublesome.

Even better, is that the makers of VigRX Plus are offering a couple of promotions to help consumers like you save more money.

They offer bundle packs that allow you to purchase VigRX Plus in bulk (complete with freebies and all) at a discount.

They also have discount coupons that you can use to avail of discounts, free items, free shipping, and the like.

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Whether you live in Bukit Merah, Woodlands, Jurong, Seletar, or Singapore Central, they will have your order discreetly sent to your address.

If you like to buy VigRX Plus in Singapore, get it only from their official website.