How Muira Puama Bark Extract Makes VigRX Plus Effective

Muira Puama is a small tree commonly found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It is also commonly called Marapuama or Potency Wood.

Its bark and roots have been long used in traditional Brazilian medicine to help treat fatigability, sexual insufficiency, rheumatism, as well as some neuromuscular problems.

The bark of Muira Puama is mainly used as a potent aphrodisiac to help increase sex drive in both men and women, and to improve the sexual performance and fertility of couples.

It has been the go-to remedy when a couple is having problems conceiving children and or experiencing sexual dissatisfaction.

Though solid scientific proof of its efficacy is still lacking, Muira Puama is proven effective by the people who use them.

Those who use Muira Puama as a sexual enhancer report to have experienced the following benefits while using it:

  • Increased sex drive or libido
  • Improved erection and sexual performance
  • Increased sexual energy and stamina
  • Improved quality of orgasms or climaxes
  • Improved adaptive response to stress
  • Enhanced mood and focus

The benefits mentioned above are what most men dream to achieve, so it’s no wonder why Muira Puama has become a popular ingredient for most male enhancement supplements.

VigRX Plus, in particular, utilizes a considerable amount of Muira Puama bark extract to add more power and potency to its formulation of sexually enhancing ingredients.

In the studies that attempt to evaluate Muira Puama’s efficacy, some results show that it actually helps improve libido by releasing mood-enhancing chemicals that stimulate the body’s sexual appetite.

It also stimulates the production of testosterone, which is responsible for developing and maintaining male sexual attributes.

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Study results also show that it supports healthy and improved erection in men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence by improving blood flow to the erectile muscles.12

Other effects observed include:

  • Increased frequency of intercourse
  • Increased physical energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Lowered fatigue

Though the studies conducted focus mainly on the observable physical responses of the male participants to Muira Puama, its chemical work-ups are still unknown.

Nonetheless, whatever chemicals are causing its sexual-enhancing effects, Muira Puama is definitely an effective male enhancement solution.

With VigRX Plus, you can achieve and enjoy the sexually enhancing benefits of Muira Puama and much more.

With the right potent blend of different natural male enhancement ingredients, you can renew your sex life, rekindle your relationship and feel more confident about your sexuality.

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