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Epimedium Extract For Erectile Dysfunction – Top 3 Benefits

If you are someone looking for ways to enhance the sexual aspect of your life, you may have already heard of the ‘horny goat weed’.

Also called fairy wings and barrenwort, the plant is locally called Epimedium and is commonly found in China.

It is known for its potent aphrodisiac properties.1

Extracts from the leaves of the Epimedium plant can be found on most sexual enhancing supplements.

How Does Epimedium Extract Work?

Extract from the Epimedium plant contains flavonoids – chemicals that possess antioxidant capabilities. It also has phytoestrogens that act similarly to the hormone estrogen.

The phytoestrogen is called epimedium icariin and has been proven to block a certain enzyme’s activity.

This is the same action found in drugs that are administered for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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Epimedium icariin enhances the transfer of Nitrous Oxide, a cellular signaling molecule that is responsible for increasing the production of the hormone testosterone in its free form.

What Are the Sexual Benefits of Epimedium Extract?

#1 It’s a proven aphrodisiac

And an extremely potent one at that. Epimedium icariin relaxes the muscles through increased levels of nitric oxide and blood flow to the male sexual organ.

This increases the desire and libido of the subject and leads to a better sexual experience.

#2 It corrects erectile dysfunction

Epimedium extract is also usually included in the treatment of erectile dysfunction cases in males.

In one study, icariin showed the same effect as Viagra on the penis’ erectile tissues. The plus side is that epimedium extract is natural.2

#3 Works for women too

Horny goat weed is not for men alone as it’s been proven to improve sexual performance and health on women.

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The same enhancement of blood flow due to the increased levels of Nitrous Oxide also benefits the vagina and the clitoris, making these sexual organs healthier.

The epimedium icariin is also more effective in treating menopausal symptoms compared to conventional drugs because it balances the levels of the hormones estradiol and estrogen.

Did you know that Epimedium is used in VigRX supplements

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects, if there are any, have been found to be very minimal and well-tolerated. Symptoms include mild diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, and muscle spasms.

These side effects usually disappear within a short period of time.

With that said, caution should be considered by pregnant women, people with low blood pressure and heart diseases, and those with thyroid problems and mental disorders when taking any supplement that contains epimedium extract.

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