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Top 4 Benefits of Damiana

Damiana – An Ancient Treatment to Ancient Sexual Issues

Damiana (scientific name, turnera aphrodisiaca) has long been used in traditional herbal treatments for sexual deficiencies.

Nowadays, you can find damiana being mixed by bartenders into special cocktails to get the groove going in clubs.

Some chefs even mix it with chocolates and other desserts to give that aphrodisiac effect.

Compared with other “natural herbal extracts” that claim to be natural replacements for Viagra, the potency and effectiveness of damiana is backed up by scientific and medical studies.12

Damiana is proven to crank up sexual performance and libido for both sexes.

How Does Damiana Work?

Damiana does not contain just one active ingredient that can enhance sexual performance and health. This herb has been proven to contain resins, tannins, and five flavonoid types.

Combined, these potent ingredients provide sexual health benefits because of their antioxidant effects and cell signaling improvement properties.

What Are the Sexual Benefits of Damiana?

1. It can’t be iterated enough how potent Damiana is as an aphrodisiac

The Mayan Indians have known its sexual pleasure enhancing properties and have prescribed it for men and women alike. It’s a proven sex stimulant. The scientific name tells it all.

2. Damiana is commonly included in supplements meant for treating or preventing erectile dysfunction or impotence

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The increased blood flow to the penis accounts for harder and longer lasting erections. It also treats premature ejaculation, which can be as frustrating as having no erection at all.

3. Natural Viagra

Damiana is considered by sex doctors as one of the true natural replacements for Viagra.

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Unlike the synthetic drug, patients won’t experience side effects like urinary tract infections, increased blood pressure, stores, heart attacks, and sudden death when taking damiana to enhance their sexual prowess.

4. Good for women too

The potency of damiana not only benefits the males but also the females too. It increases sexual desire in females and reduces dryness in the vaginal area.

The latter is common in around half of the female population and is a serious issue since it reduces sexual urges and can cause infections and rashes.

Damiana also intensifies orgasms in women. This is due to the increased blood flow to the female genitalia which enhances sensitivity and improves sensation leading to more pleasurable orgasms.

Menopausal symptoms are also controlled when taking damiana supplements.

Female hormones greatly fluctuate during the menopausal stage and can cause loss of libido and overall dissatisfaction with sex. Damiana supplements can effectively replace these menopausal hormones.

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